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Occupation:   entrepreneur in sustainability

Age:   35

Country:   Mexico

Team Members:   Crisitina and Sol with special guesst



I love travel its my joy! Its a priority because i can expand my mind and i can feel contact with nature and new people! Me ass a CEO of Cancun! I am an expert in the Yucatan Peninsula from Merida to Cancun and everything around! I have a deep knowledge of the Mayan world and of the archaeological zones of the region, I have visited all of them and I have studied them! In the same way I am passionate about food and I know the typical dishes of the area as well as the best places to try it. The beaches are my place of connection with my soul and I have walked the best public and private of the peninsula! I have friends cheffs, athletes, historians and aritists from the area that will fill us with anecdotes! I love nature and tourism and I am interested in raising the name of Cauncun and being a successful CEO with a message of sustainable tourism.
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