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Occupation:   Yoga Teacher/Server

Age:   21

Country:   United States



First and foremost, I have to let you know that travel isn't just a hobby for me, it's a life style. I know, I know. All of the applicants are probably mentioning this. But, if you review what I have submitted, you'll see that I travel with zest, light, and spontaneity that is pretty unique to the world. I travel for the feelings; to feel inspired, challenged, connected, and liberated. I also travel with the intention of sharing my experiences with others, because I know that they are living out some of their worldly dreams through my eyes and social media. I understand that every time that I master the art of sharing my travels, someone gets up and decides to hit the road as well. Travel is a priority in my life because honestly, I can't shake the burning desire for it from my heart. I just get too much out of it. Travel has been a teacher to me, and something that I can give back with. I'm specifically very focused on travel right now because I plan to make it into my career, something that I am actively living everyday. I can say without a doubt that I am suited to represent you because I already have all of the skills that you are asking for, and then some. I've traveled across the U.S. twice now, each time with little to know money. During these years, I really got to know the American people, and how to connect with them. I've already built my own written blog, podcast, and social media following from the ground up. I have surprised many, and crafted myself into a skilled and confident wanderer. It's funny, people have often described me as what you are looking to share: warmth and wonder. Usually, it comes out as "light and adventure." Close enough, right?
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