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Occupation:   Photographer

Age:   23

Country:   United States



I travel to learn. Knowledge & experiences are so valuable to both myself and my community. I believe experiencing new cultures and soaking in the history of new destinations makes me more equipped to help my environment, inspire others and broaden my compassion. Travel is a priority in my life because it truly brings me happiness to not only live the experiences but use my art to express how I feel. I find it so important to document the world as it is today because in 100 years, things will be different and my photographs, films & written passages will be valuable to learning more about the past. I have spent my adult life traveling, not only with friends but on my own as a female in foreign lands. I feel suited to advocate for Cancun because I have a career background & education in marketing, graphic design, writing, photography and documentary filming. I have no trouble adapting to new lifestyles, I have a passion to share my stories & I'm in love with traveling. Becoming a chief experiencer for Cancun would not just be a "dream job", it's what I was built to do. This job is something I can see myself doing in various forms, for the rest of my life. Some people spending years deciding on what they want, I have the luxury of knowing exactly what it is I want & having an infinite amount of passion for it.
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Burns Tess
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