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Occupation:   Marketing Manager and Photogra

Age:   25

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Blake Wisz, Jasmine Wisz



In 2014 our journey together began, Jasmine and I, got married and went on our honeymoon in Saint Lucia. Having been professional photographers we reached out and bartered with some amazing resorts and vacation properties. We wanted not just a beautiful experience but a local one. Since meeting in college we have traveled the world together documenting our experience to share with others. From glamping on the coast of Oregon to staying in a vintage "casa" in Old Havana we have truly experienced the vibrancy this world has to offer. My wife and I are a creative team. We are passionate about painting, writing, marketing, and networking. Our goal is to make total strangers friends, encourage those around us, and have an awesome time in each moment. We would make an amazing CEO team because we have already been training for years. This opportunity would not only be a dream come true but our hopes is that we could inspire others to get out and experience the wonders of Cancun afresh from a new perspective. To learn more about us head over to our instagram @wiszcreativeco and @jasminewisz to see our most recent adventures. We would love meet you in the digital world so shoot us a DM if you want to connect.
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