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Occupation:   Office assistant

Age:   27

Country:   United States



I travel for the culture. No new person is a stranger to me, people enjoy my company even with language barriers I can make people smile. I have grown up in Orlando FL where people travel from ALL over the world just to come to MY Back yard an play with "the mouse" or "ride the movies" I always loved asking where they were from an what it was like in other places. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a flight attendant an travel (out if the many jobs ive had) that's when I really knew that traveling an living out of a suitcase was for me. I love not knowing where I'll end up next an I love trying new things. I'm a very well rounded person an I enjoy learning new culture an how things different from life style. I have nothing to lose an everything to gain from this opportunity. I feel I'm perfectly suited for this position. Willing an able to move away for 6 months at the drop of a hat an live out of a suite case is what I dream of.
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Ashley Jimenez
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