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Occupation:   college student

Age:   22

Country:   United States



Traveling is like my therapy.It is hard to let someone know about your feelings. so when I travel, I forget about the drama and worry about my next mission. Traveling forces you to get your ass up and to go outside and see how beautiful the world really is. Traveling is important to me because I know there's more than meets the eye. I want to be that crazy person jumping off the cliffs and into the ocean. I want to get down and dirty and use my strong young body and swim with the sharks and get stung by the jellyfish. I want to be that person posting up pictures and videos for everyone to see how amazing the world really is. Make people get jealous of what I am doing. I have never been to Cancun but I will have fun and get the job done. I know I will impact many people life just by talking to them and telling stories. I enjoy meeting new people and taking the risk in life. This is something I have been thinking about since I was in middle school. The video i sent is a video I made! enjoy!
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arthur melchor
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