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Occupation:   Freelance Photo + Video

Age:   18

Country:   Canada



For 9 years, I spent my summers at a camp in northern Ontario. In the beautiful Algonquin Park, I matured, from a camper to a counselor to a windsurfing instructor. I continue to feed my love of the wilderness by gaining my 16-hour wilderness first aid, bronze cross, and whiter water rescue certification. My love for film and photography merged with my traveling and outdoors lifestyle. I started shooting everywhere I go (check my insta). I even recently was sponsored to do a shoot for a clothing company named Voyageur co. I’m slowly building my brand and skills to be hired full time for film and photography. I’m a lover of all adventure, whether it's a hotel room or a tent, and I thirst to find and capture from sunrise to sunset beautiful images and videos to do the location justice.
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Anthony Lieberman
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