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Occupation:   Paralegal

Age:   22

Country:   United States



I have previously seen my life with tunnel vision: one-track mind, one-track heart, one goal, no other options. However, through the past few years, I have learned to look at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a tunnel. There are different dimensions, lucid colors, and all different angles. Those dimensions create all different sorts of emotions and make up who I am. The favored feeling is this: stepping off a plane, breathing in new air, and awaiting new experiences in an unfamiliar place. The unknown does not scare or frighten me; it exhilarates me and takes over my entire being with motivation and passion. My various interests allow me to dabble in all sorts of fields: videography, photography, outdoor adventures, writing, poetry, and of course culinary. After spending four years in undergraduate University studying how to be an advocate for any sort of field or business, I believe that I would be extremely well trained and qualified to become a travel advocate for Cancun. I carry my charisma, charm, and upbeat spirit around the globe. There are no borders to where I can take my positivity. Travel is not only a priority in my life; it makes up part of that kaleidoscope of my being.
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Anna David
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