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Occupation:   Photographer

Age:   23

Country:   Romania



As I said in the paragraph above, it's a shame to be living a life without seeing everything that this world is offering you. I lived abroad before, and I was mesmerised by the cultures you can connect to and also by the way that travelling is investing in your personality. As I'm a photographer, my dream is indeed to capture all the beautiful cultures, people and places that this world has, because I want to share with everyone the feelings of the world. As for Mexico, I have a passion for this country, culture and food. I adore Frida Kahlo and I even have a tattoo of her on my arm. I believe that I am suited to for this position mostly because I am a visual creative who is able to see things which others cannot see, and to advertise them through an image, which speaks a thousand words. Another reason would be my spiritual personality, my aim for adventure and of course, my dream of finally visiting Mexico
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Andreea Zamfirescu
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