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Occupation:   Industrial Engineer

Age:   30

Country:   Peru


I am the happiest i have ever been since i started travelling non-stop 2 years ago. The world we live in is so amazing, and the people you encounter travelling are so unbelievably kind, i cannot imagine doing anything else now but getting to know them better. My purpose on this journey is to share with everyone else what the world has to offer, which i have been doing on my Instagram, Facebook and personal Webpage. I am already a passionate advocate of the world, and I would do an outstanding job at being an advocate of such a beautiful destination as Cancun. I have been told that i have a great voice, face and smile to be in front of the camera and i know i have great skills to work behind the camera. This opportuinty will allow me to fullfil my purpose in a more professional way, reaching thousounds of people, and using my charismatic personality to show them why Cancun should be their Next Holiday Destination!
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