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Occupation:   Teacher

Age:   23

Country:   Mexico



I travel because, in my oppinion, is the best way to learn about culture, history, arts. It opens your mind and makes you feel confident. When I travel, I love to taste the typical food of the place I visit, I dont spend too much on a fancy hotel, I prefer to spend on a cheap place instead and spend more on activities, museums, archeologycal zones, or parks. I also love to interact with people, specially natives or foreign tourists. If I talk to a native, I like to ask them about the place, what the best things to do are, where the best place to eat is, and that kind of stuff, and if it's a person from another country I always ask them why they chose to visit Cancun and what they think about Cancun and Mexico. When I travel I feel free, alive and young, These are the main reasons why traveling is a priority in my life. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are one of my favorite destinations in Mexico, and me as a Mexican, I really appreciate the beauty of our beaches, our history and culture, that's why, in my point of view, there's no body as a Mexican to show our natural beauties, our culture, our places and our history, and in my case, it would be a great honor to do it because I'm sure I would do it with love and pride.
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Andrea Ambriz
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