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Occupation:   Photographer

Age:   21

Country:   United States



I travel because I want to get to see that destination, that landmark with my eyes! I don't want to see and read about it in a magazine or from an online article. Travel is a priority because it gets away from the reality that we live everyday. Getting to travel wherever we choose is something we cherish and get to remember. I feel that if I got this position to travel for Cancun and be that person to capture and write about my experience there, It will show people to get up and take that vacation that they got to read about in that article in that magazine or online. Hearing it from a real person makes that person question if they really want to have that fun they did. Pictures and video tell the whole story better than printing words in a article! So, do I have the confidence to take this challenge and show the world how to vacation. YES!
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Alexey Bever
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