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Occupation:   Business Marketing

Age:   22

Country:   United States

Team Members:   Alex Bonilla



Apart from my identity as a Sagittarius, what set's me apart from my many candidates is my ability to COMMUNICATE & SELL effectively both online and in-person." My solid background working in a start-up, Non-Profit organization, and working as an ONLINE AFFILIATE MARKETER by working for Wild Card Academy in posting Ads, generating leads, developing the online trafficking when getting prospective customers to purchase KANGEN Water through my SALES funnels has allowed me to make Online Commissions in addition (+) to residual income. I travel because I enjoy the Freedom nature has to offer, apart from networking with more Online Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Professionals. Being a Sagittarius, it's important for me to expand on my horizons that goes beyond the U.S. in discovering different cultures, different ways of living, thinking, and to become more well-rounded and diverse in my overall lifestyle creates more purpose in my life.
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Alejandro Bonilla
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