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Occupation:   Student

Age:   20

Country:   United States



I travel because I appreciate the natural beauty of this earth and the cultures of our world. I love getting to know who the people are, what their lives are, and what they enjoy doing, and getting a glimpse into their lives. I would be a unique candidate because I speak Spanish fluently and have lived in Argentina for 2 years thus giving me an advantage in day to day activities. I also don't mind stopping and talking to people and getting to know them. Its through talking to people that you find out what's really there, and you able to get past the tourist show they put on for everyone. Especially in a place like Cancun where it's frequented mostly by tourists who don't speak spanish being able to speak to the natives is going to be a huge advantage. When you speak the native language you're more likely to gain the trust of those around you.
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Adam Cox
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