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How do I apply and become a candidate for the CEO position?

To officially apply for the position, you will need to:
  1. Create a one-minute video telling us who you are and why you would make a great CEO, then post it on YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Follow Cancun.com on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Read and agree to the Campaign’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Fill out and submit the CEO application!

What does “CEO” stand for?

Not Chief Executive Officer. We’re looking for a Cancun Experience Officer – someone who wants to get paid to experience all that Cancun has to offer and then tell the world about it!

What are the roles and responsibilities of the CEO?

The CEO will be Cancun.com's brand and experience ambassador. Their job will be to immerse themselves in everything Cancun—from activities, accommodations, food, and beaches to kitesurfing, museums, ancient ruins, and more.  During these experiences, the CEO will create content (videos, images, social media posts) for Cancun.com and its social channels. The position may also include some research, planning, and coordination with the Cancun.com team. The CEO will also be asked to attend local marketing events.

What are the specific job requirements?

We are looking for someone who is passionate about traveling, people, and cultures, and can communicate their enthusiasm creatively through video and social media. No other experience is required, but it will help applicants to have prior experience with blogging, video creation, and social platform posting– either on their own channels or as part of a previous position. The candidate must be available to live in Cancun, Mexico, during the proposed six-month period without interruptions and work a 40-hour work week. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What are the restrictions for applying?

Applicants must have a valid passport, be able to travel to Mexico, be at least 18 years old by Jan 1, 2018, and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Who is your ideal candidate?

We are looking for an outgoing, authentic, and hard-working individual (or team) who can skillfully showcase Cancun to an American audience, helping build excitement, trust, and recognition around both the destination of Cancun and Cancun.com brand.

Do I need to speak Spanish to apply for the position?

No! A proficiency in Spanish may benefit the selected CEO during their time in Cancun, but will not be a factor we weigh during the hiring process.  We only require that applicants be fluent in written and spoken English (since the content they will create is intended for an American audience).

How do I know if my application went through?

You will receive an email confirmation that your submission has been received. You will also be able to search for your profile on the Vote Now page.

What does the selection process look like?

  • As soon as an application has been submitted, it can be publicly voted on by friends, family, and followers of applicants.
  • After the submission and voting periods have ended, all applications (including videos, written content, and number of votes per each application) will be reviewed by a panel of Cancun.com representatives. From these applications, the Top 100 applicants will be selected and asked to create a second video.
  • The Top 50 applicants will be chosen from the Top 100 (selected by Cancun.com representatives).  After the Top 50 are announced, the public will be able to show support for their favorite applications in a second round of voting. From the Top 50 applicants, Cancun.com will review the applications and select the Top 5 to attend our week-long Interview Event in Cancun.
  • The winner(s) will be chosen and announced during the culmination of the Interview Event.

Read more about the selection process and voting in our Terms and Conditions.

Who is judging the applications?

A Cancun.com panel of selected representatives will be reviewing each application. This panel may include CEO Search Campaign sponsors, travel industry experts, and other employees of Cancun.com who will work regularly with the CEO when the job begins.

Will you run background checks on the applicants?

We will run background checks on the Top 5 applicants.

Why did you decide to run this job search?

Our goal is to make Cancun.com the number one destination site in the world for Cancun discovery, planning, and travel booking. To make that happen, we need authentic content (video, images, and stories) that we can share on our site and social media platforms. We decided that the best way to do this would be to hire a special "Experience Officer" to live in Cancun and help us create content over a six-month period.

What's the timeline for all of this? When will you announce the finalists? The winner?

Here's what each stage looks like in a nutshell:

Nov 8: Campaign launch, applications open, voting begins
Dec 17: Deadline for applications
Dec 24: Deadline for supporter voting
Dec 27- Jan. 3: Top 100 applicants asked to make second video
Jan 4: Top 50 applicants announced
Jan 5-13: Voting period for Top 50 applicants (with second video)
Jan 15-16: Top 50 applications reviewed
Jan 17: Top 5 finalists announced
Jan 18-25: Trip planning for Top 5 finalists
Jan 26-30: Top 5 finalists attend a live, on-site Interview Event in Cancun
Jan 31: CEO chosen and announced


For a more detailed timeline, check out our Terms and Conditions.

How long will the job last?

This is a 6-month contracted position.

Is this a salaried position? Do I get overtime?

The CEO will be paid a gross monthly payment of $10,000 USD with the expectation of working around 40 hours each week. We do not anticipate a need for overtime.

Is this a 9 - 5 or do I make my own hours?

Working hours will need to be somewhat flexible to accommodate the events and activities of the CEO. A schedule will be coordinated with the CEO in advance of weekly activities.

Can you outline the approval process for the content the CEO will be creating?

A calendar will be created by the CEO and the Cancun.com team outlining events and activities. We'll then determine what content will be created and how it will be promoted.

Is there an opportunity for this to become a full-time job?

While the CEO is a 6-month position, at the conclusion of the program, we will evaluate the CEO’s performance for potential to remain an employee of Cancun.com in some capacity.

Will the candidate be able to use the content they create on their own social channels?

Content created by the CEO for Cancun.com will be the property of Cancun.com. However, there will still be an opportunity for the CEO to share and build his or her own channels and audiences in connection with and during the Cancun experience.

What if a relative dies while I am Cancun CEO?

Our company is all about the well-being of our customers and our employees. We will work with our CEO to schedule periods of personal leave in the case of extenuating circumstances.

Can I take a vacation while I’m the CEO?

While our CEO will be having amazing adventure in Cancun, one of the world’s top vacation destinations, we also realize everyone eventually needs to take a break. We will provide you with a reasonable amount of time off while you are the CEO. We simply ask for advance notification to appropriately schedule activities and events around your break.

What can I bring with me?

Aside from your passion for travel and sense of adventure, we recommend you bring the same items you would take on a normal trip. This includes appropriate clothing, toiletries, and anything else that will help you be comfortable in Cancun for six months. But don't worry if you forget something – Cancun has plenty of local grocery and shopping options (including Costco and Wal-Mart).

I have a dog; can I bring my dog?

Several legal hurdles exist with bringing a pet to a foreign country, so we kindly ask that you find someone to watch your pet back home while you serve as our CEO.

What about medical coverage for emergencies or pre-existing conditions?

Cancun.com will provide foreign travel insurance for our CEO for the duration of their stay. We will work with our CEO to address any other pre-existing conditions or medical needs before the job begins.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes! There are some limitations here, but teams are welcome to apply together. We recognize many of you have families/roommates/business partners who help you make great content and who you love to work with.  Whatever those relationships are, you can make a case for them on your application. Just keep in mind that wages paid and lodging provided will remain the same whether an individual or team is chosen for the CEO position. Read more about teams in the Job Description and Terms and Conditions.

Where will the CEO stay in Cancun?

Our CEO will stay in different hotels and resorts within the Cancun and Riviera Maya regions. A more detailed itinerary will be provided as the start date nears.

If I am selected, will I need to use my own gear?

No, we will work with the chosen candidate to provide the necessary equipment.

Who is paying for what?

Cancun.com will be providing all lodging and necessary equipment to complete the job of CEO. All activities and events in which the CEO takes part will also be covered by the company. If the CEO happens to be lodged at an all-inclusive resort, meals will also be covered. Otherwise, the CEO will be responsible for their own meals.

Is it safe to endorse travel to Cancun to right now? What about the recent US travel advisory updates?

Cancun and the surrounding areas work diligently to ensure the safety of the many tourists who visit and the locals who call it home. When traveling to any city, it is important to be smart and remain aware of your surroundings in order to stay safe. In collaboration with our local Cancun.com team, we will ensure our applicants and CEO will only spend time in tourism-centered areas that are considered safe and secure.

How do I know this is for real?

Great question! Cancun.com is a brand-new site that is a joint venture between well-established US and Mexican travel technology experts, TravelPass Group and BestDay Travel Group, respectively. Together, we are working with other sponsors to host the Cancun.com CEO Search Campaign. Feel free to check out our websites and LinkedIn Pages to learn more about our companies and Cancun.com: